Cold Truth​/​No Future split

by NF

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50 tapes (self released) for Rainfest 2015


released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


NF Washington

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Track Name: No Future - Darker Dreams
I'm in too fucking deep. My own mind is gone. Sanity slips through my fingers faster than time. The world falls in my dreams, I can't see it clearly. Kick down the door, I won't be here for you anymore. Someone save me, set me free from this world that took the best of me. I'm in too fucking deep. I get headaches from this lack of sleep. Future looking bleak, dark ages cause this soul to weep. Future looking bleak. The world fell in my dreams. An empty shell, it's too dark to tell. I don't deserve this hell, save me from myself. Here lies the things that got the best of me. The world in my dreams is no more than suffering. Save me from myself I'm slowly slipping away.
Track Name: No Future - Dead Ends
Nothing to hide with everything that's on my mind. Swallowed my pride spit on death, I'm shallow inside. Can't be what I need to be when this life is filled with dead ends. Everything I do just breeds another self hate trend. Sick and tired of being so weighed down by all of this, the way my head works, makes me feel lower than shit. Nothing to hide, with all this shit that's on my mind. Swallow your pride, admit to yourself, it's too late this time. Can't be what I need to be when this life is filled, with nothing but dead ends. Lower than shit, I'm breaking the trends of letting myself go to the darkest ends of my mind