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100 black tapes


released April 28, 2015

Recorded by Ahren Lanfor in March 2015. Released by Lead Astray Records.



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NF Washington

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Track Name: So Long
Cut your thoughts down to size. No more spiteful disguise. Spit with disgust as you pray. No other way to be free. The years spent in fear boil over. It's over. What a fucking catch. Lay back. Relax. So long.
Track Name: Reach
We are one within the crowd. The kids who walk with the blackest clouds over our heads. The ones who march a sickening rhythm. We bite our tongues. Holding ingenious rhymes. Do you fucking get it man? Do you fucking get it? This world is fucked but I'm still looking up, to see the greater things that we can be. Just one change in the wind and we are all set free. Just a tiptoe and our lungs are out of waters' reach. But we will never get there. We'll never get there.
Track Name: Faith Is Dead
Reach into the darkest part. Disconnect from strongest guard
Breathe the flames, nothing has changed. Submit yourself to slow decay. Mind and heart are split in two. Kill these thoughts that strangle you. This pain has only just begun. For you they will find no smoking gun. When all is said and done and your intentions are clear I'll still be here keeping track of the years, patiently waiting for the cold hands of time to close in around my fucking neck. My faith in a God given fate is dead. Faith is dead.